V-0.2.0 Update

Version 0.2 contains many new features not seen in the previous version.  A simple economy has been added, allowing users to switch back and forth between skins.  There is now an option to invert control, for those who prefer this.  All of these features have been made possible by logging data to a preferences file, allowing choices to be saved after a user closes the game.  Points and skins are encoded to prevent tampering.  The light surrounding the orb has also been given a flickering look, to imitate a candle.  This ties in with the newly added jump mechanic.  Each jump reduces brightness and jump strength, so you must wait for it to regenerate.


Gravity-Ballz-V-0.1.0.jar 25 MB
Aug 02, 2017
Gravity-Ballz-V-0.2.0.jar 26 MB
Aug 08, 2017

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